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Episode 45 - “Author Anna J. Stewart”

August 25, 2021

Happy Wednesday friends! Today on the podcast we are joined by USA Today and national bestselling author, Anna J. Stewart! Anna writes sweet romances for Harlequin's Heartwarming, as well as romantic suspense for their Romantic Suspense/Mills & Boon Heroes line. We chat recognizing the goal, a bit about the process of getting rights back to previously published titles, the first romance novel Anna read and how it hooked her and much more! We learned so much and had such a blast chatting with her and are so excited to share this episode with you! We hope you enjoy.♡ We would love to hear your thoughts on the show. You can email us and let us know how you think we're doing at or, if you're listening to us via Apple Podcast, please consider leaving us a rating & review which helps other Category Romance readers find the podcast! 

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